House espresso



Dark chocolate, toffee sweetness, fruity edge, smooth

Our house espresso is a modern take on a classic. It’s a blend of two distinctive coffees, which combine to produce an espresso with a deep, rich chocolatey body, pronounced toffee sweetness, a complex fruity edge, and a hint of bittersweet cocoa at the finish. It’s well balanced and combines beautifully with milk, where it adds punchy caramel, smooth milk chocolate notes and gets even sweeter.

The blend changes a few times a year, in order to best make use of changing coffee seasons in different parts of the world, but the sweet & smooth character of the blend remain the same. We roast more of this than any other coffee, and it's a great intro to who we are and what we're about.

Current spec:

65% Brazil Gerezim Estate, Yellow Catuai, pulped natural process

35% Guatemala Finca San Francisco, Bourbon & Catuai fully washed process 

Brazil Gerezim: 

Grown by our friends the Caixeta family, who have been farming coffee in Brazil for 160 years, this pulped natural lot from Machado in southern Minas Gerais give the espresso its deep rich chocolatey base, with a little punch from the pulped natural processing method. We roast it fairly light to keep the majority of the natural flavours, but drag out the roast time a little to give a pronounced creamy body and caramel character.

The estate lies at an altitude of 1,000-1,250 metres above sea level, with deep soils rich in organic matter. Workers at the farms have fair wages, are given good housing and the family are always looking to develop the ecological, educational and sustainable principles that lie at the heart of the farm’s philosophy.

Guatemala Finca San Francsico:

Finca San Francisco is a large farm in San Juan Cotzal, in the Quiche region of Guatemala, situated at about 1,400 metres above sea level. Bourbon and Catuai varietals are planted alongside avocado, macademia and lemon trees, under natural shade trees, including banana palms. Part of the farm is given over to a nature reserve. 

It brings some fruit and citrus flavours, a dash of acidity, and a chocolatey finish to the espresso blend.